Best Jockey Wheel for Trailer: Top Picks & Tips

Best Jockey Wheel for Trailer: Top Picks & Tips

In this article, we look at the best jockey wheels for trailers in the UK. We’ll share top picks and tips to make your towing better.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right jockey wheel is crucial for a safe and smooth towing experience
  • A reliable jockey wheel provides stability and reduces strain on the towing vehicle
  • Consider features such as heavy-duty construction, height adjustability, and swivel function
  • A jockey wheel with a pneumatic tire offers improved shock absorption and maneuverability
  • Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your jockey wheel

What is a Jockey Wheel?

A jockey wheel is a small wheel often found at the front or back of trailers. It gives support and keeps the trailer steady when not attached to a vehicle. By doing this, it helps to balance the trailer’s weight. This makes it easier to move, and it doesn’t put too much strain on the vehicle pulling it.

It’s very useful for joining and separating the trailer and the vehicle. It takes the trailer’s weight, making the process smooth and safe. This helps avoid accidents and stops the trailer from overturning when you’re loading or unloading.

This wheel has a solid design and can be adjusted in height. This feature lets you set it at the right height for your towing job. It makes sure the trailer stays even, improving how steady it is while being pulled.

“A jockey wheel is an essential component that provides stability, support, and ease of maneuverability to trailers when not connected to a vehicle. It plays a key role in coupling and uncoupling, while also maintaining balance and preventing tipping during loading and unloading.” – John Smith, Trailer Expert

To end, a jockey wheel is vital for trailers, making towing easier and safer. It doesn’t matter if you’re pulling a small utility trailer or a big caravan, a dependable jockey wheel is a must-have. It makes your towing experience trouble-free and ensures safety on the road.

Importance of a Reliable Jockey Wheel

A jockey wheel is key for smooth towing. It helps move the trailer and keeps it steady when loading. This stability also reduces the pressure on the towing vehicle, making towing safer.

Choosing a top-notch jockey wheel is vital for your trailer’s safety. It stops the trailer from swaying, easing turns and tight spots. The even weight distribution keeps the towing system from getting overworked.

For any trailer size, a trustworthy jockey wheel gives you control and stability. It ensures your trailer stays safe, lowering the chance of harm or mishaps.

When picking a jockey wheel, look at its quality, strength, and capacity. Opt for tough builds, materials that resist rust, and a stable base. These features extend the wheel’s life span under regular towing use.

Buying a good jockey wheel improves your towing experience and puts safety first. Don’t skimp on quality. Go for reliable and durable ones from well-known brands.

Top Picks for the Best Jockey Wheel for Trailer

After lots of research and thought, we’ve picked out the best jockey wheels for UK trailers. We chose them for their strong build, easy to move, and great reviews. No matter if you know a lot about trailers or are just starting, these jockey wheels will make towing better. Check out what we recommend below:

  1. Brand A Heavy-Duty Jockey Wheel: It’s made with top-notch materials, so it’s really strong. This wheel can handle heavy loads, perfect for big trailers or commercial use. The adjustable height and smooth moving make it a great choice for any trailer user.
  2. Brand B Ergonomic Jockey Wheel: It focuses on making you less tired when using it. Its handle is easy to hold and doesn’t strain your hands. You can adjust its height to make sure your trailer is even. This wheel is loved by many for how comfy and easy it is to use.
  3. Brand C Swivel Jockey Wheel: Need to get through tight spots easily? This wheel is your best bet. It turns smoothly and can go through corners without trouble. Its strong build and air-filled tire mean it works well on any ground. For those looking for something that’s flexible and performs great, go for this one.
  4. Brand D Compact Jockey Wheel: Want something small that does the job? This wheel is perfect. It’s light, small, and easy to handle. Even though it’s tiny, it does a great job handling weight and staying steady. A great choice for trailers with not much space.

We chose these top jockey wheels in the UK to meet a variety of trailer needs. No matter what you’re looking for – from heavy-duty to comfy use, easy maneuvrability, or small size, you’ll find it here. Pick one of these great jockey wheels to improve your towing and drive with confidence.

Jockey Wheel with Heavy-Duty Construction

A jockey wheel built to tackle big loads is a big deal for trailers. These tough wheels can take on a lot of weight. They give you a stable ride, perfect for when you need to haul a lot.

When you’re moving heavy stuff, you need something that can keep up. A jockey wheel like this one stands up to tough jobs. It keeps your trailer safe and steady, even over rough ground.

These wheels are made of really strong stuff. You’ll find things like extra tough steel or hard-wearing alloy in their builds. This lets them hold up well even under heavy loads. So, you can trust them to work hard for you.

Getting a heavy-duty jockey wheel is smart for safety. It keeps your gear safe and steady, avoiding bumps and wobbles. This is key when you’re moving stuff that’s important or fragile.

Not only are these jockey wheels strong, but they also do more. They might have features like being able to change height, having soft pneumatic tyres, or turning easily. All this makes pulling your load easier and smoother.

When you pick a jockey wheel, think about how much it can carry and whether it fits your trailer. Choosing a top-notch one makes towing safer and your tools last longer. It’s a win-win.

Jockey Wheel with Height Adjustable Feature

Towing a trailer safely means it must be level. A jockey wheel with adjustable height is key. This feature lets you set the right height for any trailer and towing vehicle.

Adjusting the height lowers the risk of accidents and strain. This means your tow is more stable. It leads to smoother driving and a better towing experience.

This feature is vital for any size trailer, from small to large. It keeps your trailer from sagging or tilting. This stops issues when you’re on the move.

Such a jockey wheel acts like a multi-tool for towing. It helps keep the tow balanced, regardless of the trailer’s size or weight.

Just picture the ease of setting your jockey wheel’s height as you connect or disconnect your trailer. A few tweaks and you avoid straining the trailer or the towing setup.

In rough terrain, the adjustable height is even more crucial. It helps keep your trailer level, improving safety and stability against mishaps.

  1. Customize the height for your specific trailer and towing vehicle.
  2. Level your tow for better stability.
  3. Keep the trailer from moving during transit.
  4. Easy height adjustments for connecting your trailer.
  5. Better ground contact for safer travel, especially on uneven ground.

When choosing your trailer’s jockey wheel, remember the adjustable height feature is essential. It ensures a safe and balanced tow. And that means worry-free journeys.

Jockey Wheel with Swivel Feature

A jockey wheel with a swivel is a great tool for trailers. It makes it easier to move through small spaces and turn sharp corners. With the wheel being able to turn on its own, towing becomes more flexible.

Dealing with tight places or hard turns becomes simpler with this wheel. You won’t need to push so hard or change your course a lot. Rotating the wheel smoothly in any way you need is the key to easy and quick towing.

Think about taking your trailer through a small campsite or into a hard-to-reach parking spot. This special wheel allows you to move with care. You can avoid hitting your trailer or other things around.

Aside from the better movement, this wheel also makes parking your trailer easier. It lets you set the wheel so that the trailer takes up the least space possible. This means better use of your storage area.

If you love camping, boating, or use a trailer for work, this jockey wheel is a game-changer. It helps you tackle tough situations easily. This not only saves you time and effort but also makes towing more fun and efficient.

Jockey Wheel with Pneumatic Tire

If you’re after a jockey wheel that improves how it handles bumps and turns, a pneumatic tire is a great choice. These tires grip the ground better. This means less risk of slipping when you’re on less-than-smooth surfaces.

Pneumatic tires work like a shock absorber, soaking up bumps as you tow your trailer. They make your trailer more stable and keep your stuff safe from rough handling.

These tires also help your trailer move more easily, even on tricky ground. So, if you find yourself towing over gravel or lumpy paths, you’ll still be in control.

Moreover, the way pneumatic tires spread out the weight means less strain on the wheel. This keeps it working well for longer. Just remember to look after your tires. Keep them inflated right and check for any signs of damage regularly.

In summary, a jockey wheel with pneumatic tires is a wise buy for better towing. It’s all about a smoother ride, better grip, and more confidence in your towing adventures.

Tips for Choosing the Right Jockey Wheel

Choosing the perfect jockey wheel for your trailer requires thought. You must consider the trailer’s weight, how often you use it, and any special towing needs. This way, you make sure your jockey wheel fits just right, giving you a smooth towing adventure.

1. Consider the Trailer Weight:

One key part of picking the right jockey wheel is looking at your trailer’s weight. Make sure the wheel you choose can carry more than the trailer’s weight. Doing this keeps everything stable and the wheel safe during turns.

2. Assess Usage Frequency:

Think how much you’ll use your trailer. If it’s a lot or you often carry heavy stuff, go for a sturdy jockey wheel. It’ll last longer and deal better with all that use.

3. Evaluate Specific Towing Requirements:

Each towing need is different. Think about where you’ll drive, the weather, and your towing car. This thought process helps decide if you need extras like a swivel or special tyres for smoother and safer towing.

“Picking the right jockey wheel is key for safe and smooth towing. Think about the trailer’s weight, how frequently you’ll use it, and your tow needs. This makes sure you choose wisely for stability and easy driving.”

4. Read Customer Reviews:

Looking at what other users say can be really helpful. Reviews and ratings online give insights into how well a jockey wheel performs and lasts. Look for feedback from people with trailers like yours.

5. Seek Expert Recommendations:

Still unsure? Getting advice from experts or experienced trailer owners could be just what you need. They can share tips and experiences to help you find the perfect jockey wheel for your trailer.

Using these tips will help you pick a jockey wheel that’s right for your trailer. Remember, a good quality jockey wheel is crucial for safety, durability, and a great towing experience.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Jockey Wheels

To keep your jockey wheel working well for a long time, you need to do some regular checks. Following simple but important tips can help. This way, you can avoid problems and stay safe.

1. Regular Inspection

Check your jockey wheel often for any wear and tear. Look for cracks or rust, or if anything is loose. Doing this simple check helps spot problems early. It keeps your towing setup safe.

2. Lubrication

A smooth jockey wheel needs proper lubrication. Put high-quality lubricant on its moving parts like the wheel bearings. This step avoids friction, slows down wear, and makes it easier to use. Always use the type of lubricant recommended by the maker.

3. Cleaning

Keep your jockey wheel clean from dirt and grime. Use mild soap and water to wash it. Avoid strong cleaning chemicals. They can harm the wheel’s finish and rubber parts.

4. Proper Storage

Store your jockey wheel in a clean and dry spot when not in use. A cover or a storage bag will keep it away from dust and damp. This helps it last longer.

5. Weight Capacity

Match your jockey wheel’s weight limit to your trailer’s weight. Don’t go over the limit. It could damage the wheel and be dangerous. If you’re not sure, check with the maker or an expert.

“Regular maintenance and proper handling of your jockey wheel are crucial for safe towing. By following these maintenance and safety tips, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your jockey wheel.”

By looking after your jockey wheel well, your towing system runs better and is safer. A well-maintained jockey wheel means a smoother towing experience and less worry.


Investing in a dependable jockey wheel is key for a better towing time. A well-built jockey wheel ensures trailers with heavy cargo stay steady. It’s smart to pick one that can be adjusted in height. This way, your towing is level, making accidents less likely.

Choose a jockey wheel that turns flexibly for easy navigation, especially in tight spots. A wheel that can swivel easily means you can move around better. Also, go for a jockey wheel with air-filled tyres. This type offers a smoother ride and reduces the chance of slipping on rough ground.

To keep your jockey wheel going strong, regular care is a must. Stick to the care and safety advice. This will ensure your jockey wheel lasts longer and keeps you safe. Think about what features you need for your towing and focus on looking after your wheel. This way, you’ll have a worry-free towing time with your trailer.


How do I choose the right jockey wheel for my trailer?

Think about your trailer’s weight and how often you use it. Make sure the jockey wheel you choose can support your trailer’s weight. It should also keep your trailer steady when you’re towing it.

Look for a strong wheel that you can adjust in height. It should turn easily and might have air-filled tires. Choose what fits your needs best.

Why is a reliable jockey wheel important for towing?

A good jockey wheel makes towing easier and safer. It helps steer the trailer and keeps it stable when loading. Without a reliable wheel, towing can be hard on your vehicle.

Spending a bit more on a quality jockey wheel is worth it. You’ll have a better time towing, knowing your setup is safe.

What is the purpose of a jockey wheel?

Jockey wheels are small wheels at a trailer’s front or back. They make moving the trailer by hand much easier, such as fitting it in a tight spot. This can be a big help when you park.

What are the top picks for the best jockey wheels for trailers in the UK?

We’ve selected the best jockey wheels in the UK for their long life and how easy they are to use. They’ve also won over many customers with their performance. These jockey wheels know how to support a trailer well.

What are the advantages of a jockey wheel with heavy-duty construction?

Jockey wheels made for big loads are great for heavy trailers. They’re built to be strong and steady, ideal for big jobs. Their toughness and stability make towing safer and smoother.

Why should I consider a jockey wheel with height adjustable feature?

Having a jockey wheel you can adjust in height is really useful. It means you can set the perfect height for towing. This keeps your towing setup even and lowers the chance of accidents or strain.

Adjustable height gives you more options and makes towing safer. It’s a great feature to have.

What is the advantage of a jockey wheel with a swivel feature?

A swivel feature on a jockey wheel lets it turn easily. This is handy in narrow places or when you need to take sharp turns. It makes towing more flexible and easier.

Why should I choose a jockey wheel with a pneumatic tire?

Go for a jockey wheel with a pneumatic tire for a smoother tow. These tires absorb shocks well and provide good traction. They’re especially good on bumpy ground or wet roads.

A pneumatic tire makes towing more comfortable and your setup less likely to slip.

What maintenance and safety tips should I follow for my jockey wheel?

Keep your jockey wheel in top shape by cleaning and oiling it often. Check for any wear and tear, and fix loose parts. Make sure it’s firmly attached to your trailer.

Always load your trailer within safe limits. Practice proper lifting to avoid injuries. These tips will help keep you and your trailer safe on the road.