About Us

M&B Accessories specialises in Boat Trailer Rollers, Brackets & Trailer Parts and is an experienced Boat Trailer Parts Manufacturer in the UK. We supply high quality plastic rollers to the boating and trailer trades. Our boat trailer rollers are among the best in the UK, and over the years, we have supplied the very highest quality in boat accessories to various happy clients.

We have many many years of experience in the boat trailer industry and we continue to use our knowledge and expertise to provide our UK clients with a variety of boat trailer rollers and other boat trailer parts. Check out our huge range of brackets, side rollers and accessories, at extremely competitive prices. We’ve also included individual dimensions for our rollers, and our friendly team is just a phone call away if you need more information on your boat trailer accessory needs.

Our product list includes Keel Rollers, Side Rollers, Wobble Rollers and Snub Pads for boat trailers. From heavy duty industrial rollers to other boat trailer parts such as brackets, stems and clamps, we are able to provide our clients with all of their boat trailer requirements.